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About us

Founded in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Promise Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive third-party organization that integrates testing, inspection, certification and technical services. Since its inception, Promise Labs has been guided by the principles of “fairness, fairness, accuracy, and rigor” and scientific management in strict accordance with ISO/IEC17025 testing and calibration laboratory management system requirements. At present, it has obtained the cooperation and recognition of large institutions such as FCC, UL, German TUV, PHOENIX, French BV, Swiss SGS, etc. The test report has authoritative credibility. Promise is committed to improving quality of life and delivering product trust. We are committed to strictly abide by the operating procedures, implement inspection and testing standards, adhere to the principle of integrity, fairness and impartiality, adhere to professional ethics, and assume corresponding social responsibilities. The Promise vision is to become the most trusted testing and certification brand!

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Our customers focus on certification services for a5 years and serve more than 2,000 customers....

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